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Month by Month

A regular column by Lauren Wall of Hollybeck Nurseries

Summer is Just Around the Corner

Summer is on its way this month, we have been blessed with some lovely weather as of late and it certainly gets you in the gardening spirit. It is time to get busy in the garden to ensure you have lots of colour and interest throughout the upcoming months.

Who wants to be indoors when it is so lovely outdoors! Here are our top tips on what to be doing in your garden this month:

Keep an eye out for late frosts, especially in colder regions

Dig up potatoes, there is still time to plant any seed potatoes left remaining but do it now!

Ventilate greenhouses by opening vents and windows

Mow lawns regularly

Apply a good lawn feed, weed and moss killer now

Lift and divide any crowded clumps of daffodils and other spring bulbs for a bigger display next year

Look out for Lily beetle and Viburnum beetle as they become active this month

Feed plants as they come into growth

Stake border plants now to prevent them drooping and looking untidy

Prune out frost damage from evergreen shrubs

Prune spring flowering shrubs that have finished

Install codling moth traps as they also become active this month

Install bug houses and bee houses now

Plant your hanging baskets and pots with summer annuals for a long lasting colour and interest.

Now is a perfect time to add some long lasting colour to your garden. Put up some hanging baskets, find out all your old and empty pots and get filling them with summer annuals.

As the warmer weather approaches, bedding plants will be able to go outside without protection. However, it is important to remember in colder areas, or if there is a chance of a late frost to either bring them inside, or cover with fleece to prevent any damage.

As plants start to grow strongly continue to apply a feed that will give them the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy. Growmore is a good general fertiliser that can be used all round the garden, remember Camelias, Rhododendrons, Pieris and Azaleas will require an Ericaceous feed as they are acid lovers.

Look out for Micorrhizal Fungi. This special fungi can be used all round the garden, especially where roses have previously been planted.


Summertime has begun at Hollybeck!

Get gardening this May!

We have an extensive range of Summer annuals and long lasting perennials in stock now. Enjoy great savings with many muti-buy offers including 3 for £7.00 on 6 pack bedding, 3 for £7.50 round pot perennials, 3 for £4.00 pot basket plants and so much more!

There are still spaces availble on our 2pm Summer Bedding Workshop on Wednesday 11th May. £15.99 per person. Plant up a hanging basket to take home! Book your place today! All equipment is included in the price.

For all you gardening needs this May, visit Hollybeck!

Open 7 days a week

T 01159655450




Find us halfway between Oxton and Southwell NG250RW

The Bees Need Our Help - We are now approaching the start of the wildlife activities, with solitary bees starting to emerge and queen bumblebees looking for suitable nesting sites, they need all the help they can to thrive. This is easily done by installing bee/bug boxes.

Help bees that are lacking in energy by installing a drinking station in your garden just like this one;

You can use stones or marbles.

Plant of the Month

Look out for a fantastic new range of Peony called Itoh. With Itoh, you get the best of both worlds. The strength and beauty of a tree Peony and the abundance of flowers from a perennial peony.

Itoh Peony