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Hello everyone - and welcome to a new look for the Woodborough Web

Since starting in May 2012 a lot has changed in website viewing. The desktop PC has declined in popularity and the use of mobile phones and tablets for getting onto the internet has increased substantially. Unfortunately, web pages designed for PC screens can look very tiny on a mobile phone, so we decided to make our site more suitable for both large and small screens.

This is quite a complicated process for a website like ours, which is quite large and incorporates material from a wide range of outside sources. Combine that the fact that 90% of the content is new every month, along with the extreme age of your editor, and you can see that it’s quite a job.

So over the next few issues I’ll be looking at the various options available to make the site more “mobile-friendly”, and making a few design changes each month.

The first step was a redesign of the front page (this page) to make it a little more attractive (and promote the benefits of life in Woodborough), a little less cluttered, and a little easier to read on small phone screen (by making our standard font slightly larger).

Click below to enter the Woodborough Web…

                                                                             Michael Dobbs - Editor

A New Look for October

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